Best Tai Chi Shoes 2019-Buyer’s Guide

More and more Americans love this sports to enhance their physical stamina or merely relieve stress. To practice better and enjoy every moment of the session, you have to find a great tai chi shoe pair. This is where high quality best shoes for tai chi, which can deliver comfort during every step of the outdoor practice.

On the other hand, If you are looking for the best shoes to wear for tai chi exercise? You are in the right place. Tai chi shoes are a very particular category of footwear, and they are not all created equal. To get the best tai chi shoes, you need to be well aware of your expectations, as well as the purpose for which you intend to use the said shoes. tai chi footwear

For instance, if you plan on tai chi exercise the pavement or only slightly uneven surfaces, you should go for a pair of best tai chi practice shoes.

You see Tai chis shoes designed to be flexible and keep your feet comfortable, even when you step on terrain irregularities. You will recognize a good pair of tai chi shoes when you will feel how well they stabilize your feet during your practice session.

Many tai chi shoe reviews also speak of cross-training shoes. These are made for Crossfit training, and they are specially designed to keep your feet stable on an even surface. Let’s take a closer look at how you can make sense of the many choices available to you.

Comparison of Most Popular Tai Chi Shoes

Product Material Color Editors Rating Details
KIKIGOAL Cotton Sole Chinese Traditional Old Beijing Tai Chi Shoes Cloth Black 4.9/5
Unisex Martial Art Kung Fu Chinese Traditional Cloth Shoes Cloth Black 4.9/5
Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes Cloth Black/White 4.8/5
Rubber Sole Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes Rubber/Cloth Black 4.8/5
Men’s Tai Chi Slippers, Black Shoes, Bruce Lee Cloth Black 4.8/5
Star Sports Martial Arts Taekwondo Karate Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes Leather/Rubber White 4.7/5
Adidas KICK Shoes Martial Arts Sneaker White with Black Stripes Rubber White 4.6/5
TimeBus Chinese Traditional Loofah Sponges Breathable Healthy Martial Arts Tai Chi Kung Fu Shoes Brown Sponges/Rubber Brown 4.6/5
APIKA Chinese Traditional Old Beijing Shoes Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes Rubber Sole Unisex Black Cloth/Rubber Black 4.6/5
Aircee (TM) Old Beijing Chinese Traditional Rubber Sole Cloth Men Youth Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes Black Cloth/Rubber Black 4.6/5

Top 10 Best Tai Chi Shoes

Finding the right tai chi shoes represents a significant investment in the quality of your exercises. Fortunately, you will find on the market a lot of products, all designed for tai chi.

01. KIKIGOAL Cotton Sole Chinese Traditional Old Beijing -Tai chi shoes with arch support

Searching for the extra wide best shoes for tai chi practice that can change the way you practice. Most of the present user reviews, on top shoes, point to KIKIGOAL Cotton Sole Old Beijing Shoes as a significant investment.

Who doesn’t love KIKIGOAL legendary line of shoes? Now, this pair combines the classic vibe of the brand with a universal appeal that blends with ease to any practice situation. You should know that KIKIGOAL Cotton Sole Old Beijing Shoes come with premium pigskin upper and also mesh inserts.

This particular design helps the feet to remain dry and cool even after long practice sessions. As the top tai chi shoes with arch support on the market, this model uses midsole to provide additional stability to the user. Even long hours of practicing, the shoes begin to take on a stable form, reducing the amount of pressure on the feet and adding instant comfort.

  • Flexible and light.
  • Durable comfortable shoes
  • Ideal for smooth tiled or wood floors

02. Unisex Martial Art Kung Fu Chinese Traditional Cloth Tai Chi Old Beijing Shoes Black

Practicing, as thousands of doctors put it, is the best way to keep diseases away. Only through daily exercises, the organism recharges itself with energy levels, strengthening most of the muscle groups.

Men understand full well this reality and do their best to practice at least 30 minutes per day. With the best shoes for practice, the quality of your practicing sessions will register a significant upgrade.

Today, more and more men use Martial Art Shoes, tai chi slippers pair that merely needs no introduction. Why should you opt for this particular practice shoe? Well, the shoes are designed in order to keep the feet stable during each step.

With the heightened stability of this top tai chi exercise shoes, you will be able to push former limits and grasp better results after each run. The shoes use Wave technology and Full-length Infinity Wave, which maintain your feet comfortable irrespective of the surface layout.

  • Perfect sizing
  • They are very durable.
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Super comfortable and flexible

03. Rubber Sole Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes-Ultimate slippers

In the equation of quality, practicing enters great pairs of tai chi shoes, capable of delivering comfort every step. One of the top professional tai chi shoes was released by Black Belt Shop, Rubber Sole Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes.

This pair of tai chi slippers for wide feet is made out of Cotton lining and fabric which delivers stability every step of the practice. Now, the model can give you an extra push over the whole practicing experience. Furthermore, the shoes include a solid rubber sole and rearfoot GEL cushioning system which provides you with enhanced stability during each practice.

Considered by many as the top tai chi shoes, this pair from Black Belt Shop can give you that extra push during practicing sessions. No more limitations, no more swollen ankles! It’s just you and road ahead, in complete comfort!

  • Very comfortable during the Tai Chi forms
  • Perfect shoes for Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) kung fu
  • Perfect grip for the movements

04. Star Sports Martial Arts Taekwondo Karate Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes

If you’re looking for a pair of tai chi shoes, you’ve just found it. Both the cushioning system and the high-rebound midsole of this model have been praised time and time again by customers, of whom around 90% claim that it fits as expected.

Color variants include combinations of black and white. The Star Sports Martial Arts Taekwondo Karate Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes includes the latest cutting-edge technology, which is known to considerably increase the user’s speed and ability to exercise.

Over hundreds of people have provided 5-star reviews on this item.

  • Fit perfectly
  • They are well made
  • Very comfortable and lightweight

05. Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

The latest statistics pointed out that more and more men practice to blow off steam or simply revitalize their physical form. One of the top custom made tai chi shoes for wide feet comes from Tiger Claw, Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes.

This particular pair was designed primarily for beginners or professional. There thousands of men that own Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes, known for its high comfort lining during each training session.

This shoe pair was designed for providing maximum traction for ultimate performance which enriches your natural stride.

The shoe offers durable canvas lace-up top and a padded yet light sole. It has a lightweight design, with a breathable and stretchable material. You want to endure irritation if you undergo long practicing sessions. Due to their unique design, this women tai chi shoes keeps your feet dry and cool.

Also, Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes include a cushion system which absorbs with precision shock and gives you the extra kick to move faster, irrespective of the terrain’s conditions.

  • Excellent grip and functional light shoes.
  • They are light and durable
  • These shoes are very comfortable
  • Narrow for a wide barefoot foot

06. Men’s Tai Chi Slippers-Leather Shoe Alternative

Every time you step outside to practice, the world seems to dissipate into nothingness. The practice becomes a big part of your personality, your desire to get somewhere without interruptions. To prove that you can do better with each practicing session, you need to find a good pair of tai chi shoes.

According to recent statistics, it seems that more and more men use with confidence Tai Chi Slippers. This pair of shoes proved their worth for professional athletes on different occasions so they won’t let you down.

The Slippers is made out of textile materials and has a solid rubber sole for added stability every time you run. The pair has a lightweight bootie construction which gives your strides an extra kick. It includes a breathable and unique heel cushioning unit. This particularity ensures that you will be comfortable every moment.

  • They are very flexible
  • The shoes are lightweight
  • Proper sizing

07. Adidas KICK Shoes Martial Arts Sneaker – Best Adidas shoes for tai chi

Are you searching for the right tai chi shoes from Adidas? If you are, then you might want to learn more things about Addidas KICK Shoes Martial Arts Sneaker.

This adidas tai chi shoe is trendy among American. Addidas has released for years professional shoes, designed to help athletes move better. So, if your practicing session is in dire need of a significant physical upgrade, then this product will help out.

This pair of tai chi sneakers comes with a supportive leather and mesh upper that adds stability and comfort every time you start practice. In addition to the sporty appearance, the shoes come with lateral support for better response to terrain changes. This leather tai chi shoes have foam insole plus shock-absorbing EVA which give you better stability during runs.

This tai chi sneakers includes cushioning, placed in the midsole which delivers better plush landing and arch support. Furthermore, the shoes are finished with a special high-abrasion rubber outsole, complete with flex grooves for enhanced movement patterns.

  • They are extremely light and are not bulky
  • They are quite comfortable
  • Holding up well to pavement

08. TimeBus Chinese Traditional Loofah Sponges Breathable Healthy Martial Arts Tai Chi Kung Fu Shoes Brown

It is essential to have complete control over the whole practice experience to enjoy every moment. This is where professional tai chi shoes can help you enhance your fitness performance. One of the top tai chi shoes for men comes from Timebus, Chinese Traditional Shoes.

You can wear this tai chi footwear without reservations if you desire to run better than ever. Enhance the quality of your practicing sessions with a great pair of specially designed shoes. This pair of shoes has unique features that directly influence the way you run.

It features Pro cushioning system which helps you enjoy a smooth and natural stride. Also, TimeBus Chinese Traditional Shoes incorporates dual-density midsole which gives you precise stability and support, irrespective of the terrain’s conditions. You will the sleek and elegant design. Every moment of the run becomes a special bond with the world around you, worth taking in!

  • These shoes are are comfortable
  • The shoes are lightweight
  • Fit perfectly
  • Stitching and shape of the shoes is fantastic

09. APIKA Chinese Traditional Old Beijing Shoes Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes Rubber Sole Unisex Black-Best Women’s Tai Chi Shoes

APIKA is a world-known manufacturer, and this model is no exception to the brand’s quality standards.

The shoes can be bought in a variety of colors, ranging from combinations of green and navy to mixtures of black and lime. Around 80% of the customers who have chosen this product have reported that it fits as expected.

This shoe unit features a rubber sole and cushioning system, which is why the shoes are comfortable to wear and exercise in.

This is a fairly inexpensive women’s tai chi shoes model that has acquired a decent number of positive reviews.

  • They have a nice insole
  • Nice non-slip sole
  • These shoes are always a comfortable fit
  • Extremely light weight

10. Onitsuka Tiger TAI CHI-U

This is an inexpensive tai chi kung fu shoe model destined for customers. As is the case with other products in the line, it can be purchased in a wide array of color alternatives.

The unit has a synthetic sole and lace-up closure, allowing customers to benefit from the freedom they require when doing their practice routine.

Some buyers have reported that this tai chi footwear is perfect for people who work out twice a day, considering that they can withstand anything from hardcore inclined treadmill workouts to regular practicing. They’re airy and lightweight and fit according to the chosen size.

  • Great shoes for work out
  • Well made and comfortable
  • Proper sizing

Best tai chi shoes for men and women-Buyers Guide

Choosing tai chi shoes that make this sport comfortable can be quite the task, especially if you’re looking for shoes for tai chi. It’s one thing for shoes to feel comfortable in the air-conditioning, convenient stores, but it’s quite another thing for them to feel great on the asphalt or trails when you’re out running.

Quite naturally, tai chi is a very active and repetitive sport, putting pressure and impact on the joints, tendons, and muscles of the legs and feet. To keep you injury free, our feet require shock absorption to keep at bay the results of these actions. The right shoes for your body type will help with this shock absorption.

Think about it , If you are with normal arches, then you don’t have much to worry about as a built-in cushioning system already exists, soaking in the shock as the foot rolls inward, supporting your weight. But for the heavier sized who tends to have flat feet, the same benefit does not exist.

A heavy person is prone to overpronating, meaning the feet will roll too far in, tossing your body’s alignment off kilter. Because of this, the body’s weight will not be distributed the way that it should, and a problem could arise. tai chi shoes

So, all of this to say, picking your shoes for tai chi is more than just a comfort issue; it’s an injury-protection issue too. If you are like most heavy runners with low to flat arches, a shoe that offers solid stability, as well as motion control, is best. This way, you have a shoe that will give you the extra shock absorption that is needed as well help improve your stride and reducing the overpronation that heavy runners typically have.

Unfortunately, most shoes never address the issue of a person’s weight in their literature. A shoe that is too light and cushiony will be maxed out with each stride, making it little more than a thick sock to the person. While thick, heavily cushioned shoes are considered a negative because they’re a few ounces heavier, to the large-sized runner, it’s a positive and welcomed trait.

Several types of tai chi shoes are each designed a specific built of the foot in mind. Getting the right tai chi shoes for your body type can prevent injuries caused by repetitive incorrect movement. Especially joints such as ankle, knee and hip joints are put under a lot of pressure while running.

On the other hand, If you have a tai chi practice session that requires you to practice on your feet a long time, this definitely includes your choice of footwear. However, knowing that you need to figure out which of your options are the Tai chi shoes and actually making a decision are two different animals.

Research Online, Then go to the local store …

Therefore the right kind of tai chi shoes is crucial, as you want to make sure that you are getting the best protection possible for your body. If you do not know anything about shoes, then talk to the people who sell them and do a little research online. Here a few tips to keep in mind when looking for the best running shoes out there.

Ti chi style?

Know what kind of tai chi style you are following. Are you Chen style? The Yang style? Do you like third generation style? These are good questions, to begin with when you are determining what type of shoe is the one for you.

Good Support

Proper support is the key to a successful tai chi session. As on the asphalt, more cushion is needed, in the woods, the bottom of the shoe comes more into play. Also, the shape of the arch of your foot is one of the essential factors. For example, the low arch may need more support, the higher arch is fine with less cushioning and flat feet will need more medical help.

Rotate Multiple Pairs

Proper support is the key to a successful tai chi session. As on the asphalt, more cushion is needed, in the woods, the bottom of the shoe comes more into play. Also, the shape of the arch of your foot is one of the essential factors. For example, the low arch may need more support; the higher arch is fine with less cushioning and flat feet will need more medical help.

Consider Your Practice Environment

Every sport that requires a person to spend a lot of time on their feet is going to come alongside different requirements. That said, the Tai chi shoes are going to be shoes that allow you to meet all the needs of your tai chi practice while remaining comfortable.

For instance, if you practice in potentially wet environments making non-slip soles a big feature to look for. The most Tai chi shoes will probably include a tough construction for durability and heavy toes to protect feet from injury.

Consider Any Health Problems You May Have

Working on your feet in improper footwear can not only cause eventual health problems but exacerbate existing ones as well. When selecting the Tai chi shoes, you should make sure you’re shopping with any health issues or problems you might be prone to in mind.

Fallen arches are one of the most common foot-related ailments, especially among people with jobs that require them to work on their feet, so always prioritize solid arch support. Bunions, corns, and hammer toes are still more common problems.

However, these can be prevented or dealt with by wearing shoes that feature wide toe boxes that don’t crowd tired, swollen feet. Almost everyone who works on their feet deals with back pain sooner or later as well. However, buying shoes that have proper support and an adequate amount of cushioning can alleviate a lot of the discomfort

Stick With Trusted Name Brands

When shopping for the shoes, it’s important to understand that you do get what you pay for. When you work on your feet, you really can’t afford to cut corners, so avoid cheap knock-offs and flimsy substitutes.

Stick with best tai chi shoes brands like Adidas, Puma, Feiyue or Unisex that are well known for making solid, reliable, long-lasting shoes that offer proper support for busy working people’s feet. You’ll be glad you did when you see what a difference a good quality shoe really can make when it comes to your comfort level on the job, your health, and your overall quality of life!

Best Tai Chi Shoes 2019-Buyer’s Guide

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